Our Story

Hi there! My name is Aarushi and I am the co-founder of Handivity. The idea of Handivity came to me when a book of mine was returned with grease stains and dog ears. It was a painful sight (I am sure most of the book lovers can feel the agony).

I wanted to come up with a solution, in order to ensure that my book was protected, whether I was commuting, reading or even lending it to a friend. After rummaging through similar products I couldn’t find what I was exactly looking for. I started penning down ideas, and after several trials, Handivity’s first product was born. 

We, at Handivity, have tailor-made a book jacket with a reversible print. The book jacket is machine washable (bye bye grease stains) and most importantly has a bookmark attached to it (no more dog-ears and no fear of losing track of the last page you’ve read). 

Handivity finds solace in the happiness of book lovers and readers like you!

We, at Handivity are all ears for your suggestions and creative inputs,

Email us at care[at]handivity[dot]com

Handivity Designs - Handmade Fabric Book Sleeve - Elephant Kalamkari Print

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