Siblings are your friends for life. With a fire forged by birth, you are connected to your siblings for your entire life. Arguments, inside jokes, funny episodes from childhood, there is so much of your life you have shared with them. You just don’t share likes, dislikes, favourite movies, favourite relatives and a family with them, you share your entire existence with them, whether they live near or far away. And whether or not the holiday season brings you together, or growing up you might have distanced from each other, you hold an infinite amount of love for them, in your heart. You know that, and so do they. Let’s meet some Brother-Sister duos from the world of stories. These fictional siblings will surely melt your hearts.

#1 Akira and Nori (Fifty Words for Rain)

Fifty Words for Rain by Asha Lemmie is a story that takes place over the course of several years and spans countries. Noriko is the abandoned child of a woman who belongs to a Japanese family. Noriko is hidden in the attic of her grandmother’s residence because she is the mixed race child of her mother and an African American soldier. While Nori wants to go out and see the world, she does not know who she is. Until Akira, who is Nori’s half-brother, arrives at the grandmother’s residence and makes Nori his friend. He takes a stand for Nori and fights for her freedom. This beautiful story makes you want to believe in the strength of blood ties, through the fictional siblings Akira and Nori.

Books With Brother-Sister Duos- Fifty Words for Rain

#2 Liz and Robbie (You Should see Me In A Crown)

Leah Johnson’s ‘You Should See Me in A Crown’ adds another likable pair of fictional brothers and sisters, to the list. Liz and Robbie are a delightful pair of siblings. The story revolves around Liz Lighty, who wants to pursue her higher studies at the Pennington College. But the financial aid through which she had planned to apply for college, becomes unavailable. This forces Liz to participate in the prom contest. If Liz wins it she would secure a scholarship for her college studies. Although she hates attention and a crowd of people anywhere, this is her only chance to fund her education, to her dream college.

Books With Brother-Sister Duos- You Should See Me In A Crown

#3 Count Rustov and Helena Rustov (A Gentleman in Moscow)

Written by Amar Towles ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ introduces its readers to Helena and Count Rustov. Count Rustov is placed under house arrest at the Hotel Metropol, which is also his residence. While he cannot have the comforts of a luxury suite, he makes the most of his time in the servant quarters, establishing friendships with various people at the hotel. Rustov also gathers knowledge on a variety of topics ranging from food, poetry, philosophy to Impressionism. Helena and the Count share a deep bond of care, as the Count looks after his sister after they lose their parents at a young age.  

Books With Brother-Sister Duos- A Gentleman in Moscow

#4 Xiomera and Xavier (The Poet X)

Another set of fictional siblings that will melt the heart of readers, is from ‘The Poet X’ by Elizabeth Acevedo. Although Xavier, living in Harlem, already has a name, his twin sister Xiomera likes to call him ‘Twin’. She thinks that it is a proof of their lifelong bond. Xiomera keeps the secret of Twin’s sexuality from their mother. Although Xavier is smarter than her and gets more praise than she ever will, Xiomera dearly loves Xavier. Elizabeth Acevedo, herself a slam poet, masterfully pens down the story of ‘X’ also known as Xiomera Batista, a fifteen year old teen, whose medium of self-expression is slam poetry.

Books With Brother-Sister Duos- The Poet X

#5 Mr. Darcy and Georgina Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

One of the most popular pair of siblings that classic literature has for its readers, is from Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Georgina is the younger sister of Mr. Darcy, and esteems Mr. Darcy as a father figure. Mr. Darcy is protective of his sister and saves her from George Wickham’s evil plan. Although this book is known for being a love story between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett, it is a cleverly written satire. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy both have a long way to go before resolving the biases they are struggling with.

Books With Brother-Sister Duos- Pride and Prejudice

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