5 Books about parent-child relationship

5 Books that Explore Parent-Child Relationship

Literature is replete with stories and characters that depict parent-child relationship in amusing and varied ways. While some come across as loving-understanding, others might be ruthlessly judgmental and demanding. Parent-child relationships whether in stories or real life, range from being hilarious, heart-melting, moving, to dysfunctional, troubled and even tragic at times. Almost all the characters …

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Books set in pacific islands

5 Books Set In Pacific Islands

Often underrepresented and sometimes not much-discussed about, the natives of Pacific Islands have a significant contribution in the world of storytelling. Their culture and practices are not rightly depicted and it is difficult for the rest of the world to understand their history, as it has been not narrated accurately. A number of books have …

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Resilient women

7 Stories of Resilient Women

I’d like to believe that women are one of the most remarkable forces of nature- fiercely determined and generously kind at the same time. Women in my life, around me, in my friend circle and all around the globe, inspire me and several others they cross paths with each day. Female energy has been bolstering …

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5 Fairytale Retellings

5 Fairytale Retellings

Fairy tale retellings have emerged as an entire new genre that is getting a lot of attention and appreciation from the connoisseurs of age old stories full of magical, mystical creatures from imagined lands and enchanted forests. But they are not a recent phenomenon. The spin offs of various folk tales have always existed in …

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